The S36PC series combines the well-known performance of a Schütte cam-operated machine with the flexibility and precision of modern CNC technology.

The S36PC comes with 6 main spindles with ø 36 mm round bar capacity.

The power of Hydrostatic drives gives the S36PC its versatility to run wide form tools or generate complex single point turning contours in any of its 6 cross or end slide positions. This drive technology works in tandem with the extensive range of attachments for the machine including but not limited to polygon turning, eccentric milling / drilling, C and Y axis machining, and the ability to independently control the spindle speed in any position.

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Bar Stock Diameter Ø 36 mm
Part Length 115 mm
Spindle Speed - (RPM) 4,000 max
Number of spindles 6
Type machine CNC
Number of axes available 39
Back work tools up to 3
Index idle time 0.5 sec
Photo of Multi-Spindle PC Series: S36PC

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