The A36PC series combines all the features of the S36PC, but in an 8 spindle version.

These additional spindles help to decrease cycle times even more and add more features that can be machined on complex workpieces.

The power of Hydrostatic drives gives the A36PC its versatility to run wide form tools or generate complex single point turning contours in any of its 8 cross or end slide positions. This drive technology works in tandem with the extensive range of attachments for the machine including but not limited to polygon turning, eccentric milling / drilling, C and Y axis machining, and the ability to independently control the spindle speed in any position.

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Bar Stock Diameter Ø 36 mm
Part Length 115 mm
Spindle Speed - (RPM) 4,000 max
Number of spindles 8
Type machine CNC
Number of axes available 51
Back work tools up to 3
Index idle time 1.2 sec

Photo of Multi-Spindle PC Series: A36PC

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