The AG20 moves up to an 8 main spindle automatic.

The AG20 has the ability to run ø 20 mm round stock in addition to all of the features of the SG18.

The AG20 utilizes 8 main spindles for front side machining along with an optional pick off spindle for back work. The pick off spindle can be tailored for complex machining by employing a variable RPM spindle control and 2-axis CNC turning control for up to 3 tools, or configured to utilize a simple mechanical actuation to perform quick back deburr operations.

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Bar Stock Diameter Ø 20 mm
Part Length 80 mm
Spindle Speed - (RPM) 10,000 max
Number of spindles 8
Type machine CAM
CNC slide options up to 5 positions
Back work tools up to 3
Index idle time 0.5 sec

Photo of Multi-Spindle G Series: AG 20

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