Based on the SCX concept which supports flexible machine conversion, the different operating modes—6-spindle, double-4, and 8-spindle -- of the ACX can also be selected at any time. A mechanical conversion is not required.

The 40 mm ACX machines are designed for complete machining, i.e. the front and rear side of the workpiece are completed in a single cycle. Key is the simultaneously active eight main spindles and up to two opposed spindles. All spindles are equipped with liquid-cooled direct drives, which permit freely selectable speeds independently of one another. With a torque of 85 Nm, they have particularly high dynamics and traction.

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Workpiece range
Clamping diameter, max. mm 40
Material feed, max. mm 125
Main spindles
Rated torque Nm 31
Torque, max. Nm 76
Speed, max. rpm 5500
Machining units, cross (positions I to VIII)
X-axis path mm 110
X-axis speed, max. m/min 30
Z-axis path mm 150
Z-axis speed, max. m/min 30
Y-axis path mm ± 50
Tool turret, no. of positions up to   6

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