Schutte Service Mission Statement

At Schutte we strive to deliver top quality service that exceeds customer expectations. Our Goal is to establish a manufacturing partnership with our customers. To that end, we provide professional machining services and offer a well-stocked spare parts inventory.

Our trained service staff stands ready to support you.


Lee McLaughlin, Plant Operations Manager
Lee McLaughlin
Plant Operations Manager
Ernie Kraus, Training / Tele-Service
Ernie Kraus
Training / Tele-Service
John Miler, Schutte Service
John Miler
Schutte Service
Rick Chamberlain, Service Technician
Rick Chamberlain
Service Technician
Scott Topa, Applications Engineer
Scott Topa
Applications Engineer
Sven Brown, Controls Engineer - Electrics
Sven Brown
Controls Engineer - Electrics
Greg Hall, Service Technician
Greg Hall
Service Technician
Ray Morgan, Technical Support
Ray Morgan
Technical Support
Patrick O’Neal, Applications Engineer
Patrick O’Neal
Applications Engineer
Kyle Patterson, Service Technician
Kyle Patterson
Service Technician
Anthony Daniello, Service Technician
Anthony Daniello
Service Technician
Justin Smith, Service Technician
Justin Smith
Service Technician