Camcraft, Hanover Park, IL, calls itself the Engineer’s Choice for complex components and new product development involving high-precision machined components that challenge the limits of manufacturability from today’s most advanced materials.

Camcraft’s two manufacturing facilities, located just outside of Chicago, offer the most diverse and complete grouping of state-of-the-art machining, tooling and metrology equipment in North America. It has long been committed to investing in modern capital equipment for ultra high-precision, high volume manufacturing as well as extensive process automation.

Camcraft is a hydraulics and fuel system component specialist. Utilizing the latest machining technology and automation, Camcraft manufactures the most complex hydraulic engine management and fuel system components for on- and off-highway applications. We specialize in producing the most intimidating, precision-machined components for our clients.

To help accomplish this, Camcraft operates five Schutte CNC multispindle lathes with bar loaders and two Schutte tool and cutter grinders. The grinders are used to produce the tooling used at Camcraft to machine its many engine components, on Schutte machines and on other machine tools in the shop.

Camcraft relies on the Schutte multis for machining aluminum, mild steels and alloy steels to diametral tolerances of ±.0005” and bore tolerances to ±.0002”. The Schuttes reliably deliver high production rates, even when intricate or complex profiles are required. And they drop the parts off complete.