Goods and services sold here-under are covered by a warranty limited to defects in material and workmanship provided the goods and services are subjected to normal use and service. The applicable limited warranty period is six (6) months from date of installation or twelve (12) months from shipping date to Purchaser of any item of the goods, whichever occurs first, or any other warranty period otherwise stipulated in writing by Seller regarding specific sale.  For components not supplied by Seller, the original manufacturer’s warranty shall apply to the extent assignable by Seller. The obligation under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement, at Sellers’ option, of defective parts provided that prompt notice of any defect is given by Purchaser to Seller in writing within applicable warranty period. The applicable warranty ceases to be effective if the goods are altered or repaired other than by persons authorized or approved by Seller to perform such work. Repairs or replacement deliveries do not toll or prolong the term of the warranty. The warranty ceases to be effective if Purchaser fails to operate and use the goods sold here-under in a safe and reasonable manner and in accordance with any written instructions from the Seller or manufacturers.