Our tool assistant will walk you thru setting up a program for simple endmills and drills with nothing more than a few input parameters. These tools can then be verified in our 3D simulation to ensure profile accuracy, and allow you to see if a particular grinding wheel profile may not be suitable for the tool.

Programming of complex cutting tools is no longer a worry with SIGSpro. With our integrated contour editor, you can draw and entire 2D profile with nothing more than a few mouse clicks and easily edit dimensions. If a 2D drawing is already available, the contour editor offers a simple import function.

SIGSpro allows users the flexibility that is necessary in today’s tooling market. Operations specific to a particular type of tool can be used on other types of tooling with no workarounds. SIGSpro is setup to handle multiple types of fluting operations, facet and eccentric reliefs, manufacturer specific drill points and trepan operations. The combination tool option will allow you to manufacture a single tool with 2 different types of cutting profile such as drill/reamers, drill/taps, etc.

The integrated 3D simulation allows users to see the exact tool that will be ground, without touching a grinding wheel to a blank. Clearance angles can be verified and rolled to a profile to check for heeling. The simulation can also be sectioned to check core profiles at any point along the tool. Also available is the option to check for collisions prior to machining.

Quick SpecsMeasurementValue
Linear Axes
X-axis (longitudinal movements) inch18.9
Y-axis (tranverse movements) inch9.84
Z-axis (vertical movements)inch10.24
X-, Y-, and Z-axis inch<0.000004
Max. feed speed
Y- and Z-axis inch/min945
X-axis inch/min1.891
Resolution axis for workpiece (A-axis)
Resolution in driving mode degrees<0.0001
Max. speed range as universal rotation axis (min¯¹) rpm2500
Swivelling axis for grinding head (C-axis)
Max. swiveling speeddegrees/s360
Grinding spindle (motor spindle)
Max. speed(min¯¹) rpm12,000
Max. drive output HP20.6
Support taperHSK-E 50