Medical Rasps

Schütte has taken the process of programming, grinding and milling medical rasps to the next level. With our SIGSpro software, we can take a 3D model of a medical rasp and generate the necessary toolpaths directly within our software. Annular, inclined and helical teeth can be created by entering a few simple parameters. As with all tool & cutter operations in SIGSpro, medical rasp toolpaths are completely grinding wheel/milling tool independent. This means you can change wheel angles and corner radii while maintaining the same tooth width and depth without editing the toolpaths.


For femoral component programming, 3rd party CAM toolpaths can be easily imported in to SIGSpro, which offers many conveniences not available elsewhere. SIGSpro offers live milling tool radius compensation, compensation of grinding wheel diameter and setting length without post processing, along with dynamic part and fixture offsets to compensate for fixture irregularities without the need to open your CAM software. You can easily choose between high accuracy or high dynamics and spindle speed/feedrates directly at the control. The addition of a toolpath smoothing feature can help yield better surface finishes on free form surfaces. The integrated 3D simulation can show you stock removal, gouging and the actual machine movements before you even power up the machine.

Quick SpecsMeasurementValue
Linear Axes
X-axis (longitudinal movements) inch18.9
Y-axis (transverse movements) inch9.84
Z-axis (vertical movements)inch10.24
X-, Y-, and Z-axis inch<0.000004
Max. feed speed
Y- and Z-axis inch/min945
X-axis inch/min1.891
Resolution axis for work-piece (A-axis)
Resolution in driving modedegrees<0.0001
Max. speed range as universal rotation axis (min¯¹) rpm2500
Swiveling axis for grinding head (C-axis)
Max. swiveling speeddegrees/s360
Grinding spindle (motor spindle)
Max. speed(min¯¹) rpm12,000
Max. drive output HP20.6
Support taperHSK-E 50