The AG20 moves up to an 8 main spindle automatic with the ability to run ø 20 mm round stock in addition to all of the features of the SG18.

The AG20 utilizes 8 main spindles for front side machining along with an optional pick off spindle for back work. The pick off spindle can be tailored for complex machining by employing a variable RPM spindle control and 2-axis CNC turning control for up to 3 tools, or configured to utilize a simple mechanical actuation to perform quick back deburr operations.

Quick Specs
Bar Stock DiameterØ 20 mm
Part Length80 mm
Spindle Speed (RPM)10,000 max
Number of spindles8
Type machineCAM
CNC slide optionsup to 5 positions
Back work tools up to 3
Idle index time0.5 sec