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Six- and eight-spindle bar automatics are Schütte specialties, with bar machines ranging from 4-100mm and chuckers up to 200mm in capacity. The Schutte product line is grouped into three categories: G-Series: 6 and 8 spindle precision cam machines up to 20mm capacity F-Series (type S): 6 and 8 spindle precision cam machines up to 51mm capacity. PC-Series: 6 and 8 spindle fully CNC controlled machines up to 51mm capacity.

EASTEC May 2017

Join us at booth 1052 EASTEC May 18-22 in Massachusetts

Schütte LLC and its companies of MSA and TGM are a wholly owned subsidiary of Germany based, Alfred H. Schutte GmbH, founded in 1880. From its North American headquarters in Jackson MI, Schutte serves the manufacturing community with the latest technology in Multi Spindle Automatics and Tool and Cutter Grinders.

Schütte’s extremely compact and well-arranged design of the WU325linear grinder offers an even more rigid structure so that the extended X and Z paths can be traversed with maximum dynamics in the shortest possible cycle times. Workpieces ranging from extremely small drill bits through production components up to hob cutters are guided and positioned precisely.

Five CNC axes, with anti-backlash AC direct drives driven by linear motors. These features make this machine exceptionally fast, yet accurate. Better grinding performance, better surface finish and greater precision are benefits of this technology. Used in almost all sectors of industry, these grinders are suitable for manufacturing and sharpening cutting tools as well as for pre-finish grinding of production components including freeform surface applications for medical implants and rasps.