Schütte Corporation, based in Jackson Michigan, is the subsidiary of Alfred Heinrich Schütte.  Alfred H. Schütte, domiciled in Cologne, is a leading, globally operating manufacturer of machine tools, including multi-spindle automatics and 5-axis CNC grinding machines.

Our fully-equipped facility, in the heart of Michigan, provides an extensive variety of services, including machine service, spare parts, time studies, process engineering, cam manufacturing, and tool & production demo part grinding et cetera.

US Facility

This U.S. arm of Schütte utilizes a Total Quality approach to both development and production. Meanwhile, the company continues to invest heavily in equipment and the total work environment, aiming to improve even further its state-of-the-art products.

German Headquarters & Production Facility

Schütte headquarters and production facility continue to function in Cologne, Germany, while the company established an organization with room to grow in Jackson, Michigan. This subsidiary serves the North American market for the multi-spindle automatics and production tool & cutter grinders.

Founded in 1880 by Alfred Heinrich Schütte, the primitive principle of our origination was to concentrate on providing customers with machinery that totally satisfied their needs. This principle has stayed with our company through over a dozen decades, while the productivity of Schütte machines has spread through many countries across the globe.

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